What is the duration of doggie daycare?

On average, our daycare dogs spend about 10 hours with us.

When can I drop my dog off for an overnight stay?

If your dog is having a sleepover, he or she can arrive anytime after 2pm on the day of the overnight stay.

What should I send with my dog?

At minimum, we ask that you provide a collar and leash, as well as food and a food bowl if your dog will be joining us for meal time. If your dog needs a jacket or his or her own bed, feel free to bring those along. We ask that you refrain from sending toys, as this may cause issues with other dogs.

How many other dogs will be at The Dog House?

While it varies, The Dog House typically accepts a maximum of 6 dogs at any given time.

My dog is raw fed or requires a special diet. Can you accommodate that?


Absolutely! The Dog House is happy to cater to special diets, including raw. Please provide instructions along with the food, if necessary, so that we can ensure your dog continues with his or her normal routine.


Do you offer in-home daycare?

No. All daycare and boarding takes place at The Dog House, which is located on the Hamilton Mountain.